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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jun 28, 2022

Hold on to your hats, sailors! We’re riding through today’s Cancer New Moon musing and have a special Akashic channeling for you.

We cover this lovely new moon + sensitive Cancer energy alongside Neptune’s continued foggy influence and invitation for us to connect more deeply with our intuition, Truth and Higher...

Jun 14, 2022

Join me on a “walkie talkie” in this experimental episode covering today’s Sagittarius Full Super Moon! In this less polished, more raw channeling type of conversation, we’re taking a nature walk together and chatting about this beautiful super moon + Sagittarius energy alongside Neptune’s foggy influence...

May 30, 2022

Time to clear the clutter from our communication and Minds to plant new seeds with this moon musing & Akashic channeling covering this Gemini New Moon!

This New Moon closes the Eclipse Portal and brings some fresh energy and perspective, inviting us to synthesize all that has been unearthed, and prepare for taking...

May 15, 2022

Release, rebirth, realign & rise with this moon musing covering our Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse!

I share some personal updates as well as a mini moon musing, sharing supportive ways of working with this lunar energy in the emotional watery sign of Scorpio.

Themes include: Transmutation, phoenix rising, birth death...

May 8, 2022

We are celebrating this Mother’s Day by channeling Divine Mama energy with Empress Karen M. Rose!

Trained in Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine, Karen M. Rose created an outlet for her teachings and healing modalities with the opening of Brooklyn-based Sacred Vibes Healing and Sacred Vibes Apothecary in 2002. ...