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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jul 19, 2021

In the intro, you’ll hear some updates on the Feed Your Wild podcast and about a new 90 Day Akashic Mentorship: the Intuitive Healing Mentorship for Practitioners and Healers!

In this episode, we’re speaking with Brooklyn-based astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat, aka Ace, and author of Post-Colonial Astrology. Their book offers an advanced look into politicized astrological history and application, and offers an explicitly queer, PoC and instersectional lens. 

Astrology is an intersectional, political and magickal language with a cross-cultural history that informs our relationships to the planets. Exploring the origins of any system, such as astrology, is important in understanding how those very systems influence our experience and relationships.

In this chat, we explore astrology as a language, and how the reshaping of astrology as a language can reshape our experience and relationship to the cosmos and their influence upon our lives. We cover how to reframe your relationship with astrology and switching from a fatalistic/victim lens to a more empowering stance. We talk about why it’s easy for people to accept unseen forces at work such as cell phones and internet communication, but have a challenging time “believing” in astrology.

Ace shares how they reconcile a postcolonial astrological framework with the more casual, pop, and less obviously political approach to astrology that’s popular within the mainstream. We also get into personal reflections, including my personal Gemini north node experience and Ace’s spot-on reflections. Ace has good advice for budding astrologers and astrology enthusiasts that are relevant in these emergent times.


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Private 90-Day Akashic Intuitive Healing Mentorship *for Healers & Practitioners* (Limited spots open)

A 90 day accelerated mentorship program to assist you in developing your intuitive healing practice. We’ll be incorporating Akashic Record training and working with the Akashic Records in a healing or practitioner capacity. What we’ll cover:

  • Intuitive skills and foundational practices 
  • Complimentary divination tools
  • Fundamentals of developing an intuitive healing practice such as energy hygeine & creating sacred space
  • How to work with your spirit guides and your team
  • The art of inquiry and questioning 
  • My personal framework around how I work with clients in an intuitive and clinical capacity - bridging these two worlds to work in a truly wholistic way incorporating Spirit and energy.

This is a customized mentorship - we focus on what you most need and desire to learn and we’ll customize this program based on where you are at in your journey.

This program is for beginner practitioners as well as seasoned healers such as nurses, coaches, doctors, coaches, etc. who want to incorporate the intuitive arts, Akashic Records, and a spiritual approach to their work.

Spots are very limited. Mentorships begin in August 2021 (September 2021 latest).


To Learn more + Apply: 

There is so much in the conventional healthcare realms that is misaligned and the all-important spiritual and energetic components are missing - a huge gap in the healing process. I know if this resonates - you understand this, you’re entrenched in that model and you want to bridge the spiritual with the scientific, the mystical with the practical, and ultimately to support others in awakening their inner healer... because ALL healing is self-healing.


As a healer, helper, practitioner - we are here to be guides and support to assist others in awakening that ability within themselves. If this sounds like the program for you, I encourage you to apply. 


Want to know more about the Akashic Records? Listen to this episode:

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