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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Sep 20, 2021

We start this episode with a mini moon musing for this Pisces full moon then go into our interview with our guest - my good friend Ashley Burnett who is back on the podcast. Ashley’s a womxn’s business and leadership coach, dancer, retreat facilitator and nature-based ritualist. She helps change-making entrepreneurs clarify their vision, heighten their income and impact, cultivate Queen confidence and align their businesses with the cycles of nature for sustainable growth, long-term. 

The past two years have been a rollercoaster and continues to be a crucible and even catalyst for so many - forcing us to get clear on our beliefs, what it is we are here to do, how we show up, and reassess our life path and goals. If you feel like you are at a crossroads, you are not alone. I personally have worked with so many who are moved to take a leap into starting their own business or building community, some entering the realms of what we can call entrepreneurship for the first time, for others, perhaps more refinement of a path they already had been called to walk long ago.

In this episode, we reflect upon the past couple of years journeying as a collective with Covid, how this time is requiring us to get creative and for many to be brave and step onto a new path.

We discuss fear, specifically the fear of change, and Ashley walks us through a 6-step process to move through fear and resistance around taking inspired action or moving forward.

Ashley shares how she balances entrepreneurship with mamahood working from home, and her approach to the rhythms of entrepreneurship, moving with the cycles + seasons of nature and honoring the energies - especially rest.

We touch on the Uninhibited Queen archetype - what is it, Ashley’s personal journey with this energy, and the importance of getting clear on your core beliefs and cultivating your confidence & Queen Voice.

Ashley shares what she’s learned about building community and holding space after 20 years of working in groups, retreats, and circles and why a pleasure-based business model is the way to go.

At the end, Ashely talks about two exciting events: 

(1) A (totally free) workshop Sept. 23rd:UNLEASH YOUR IMPACT:

5 Queen Skills to Become a WILDLY Impactful Leader, Increase Your Income, and Constantly Fill Your Transformational Groups & Retreats.

(2) Ashley’s upcoming virtual program Unleash Your Impact PLUS a very special Bonus offer from me if you join us using my link (Because I love and believe in Ashley’s program so much, I’m including complimentary access to my Feed Your Wild VOICE program that is normally $444 and only open once a year! You get this for free if you join Ashley’s program using my unique link!)

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