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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Oct 19, 2020

In this conversation, we’re speaking with Erika Rose Santoro, a multidimensional artist, liberator and teacher of transformation and self-healing.  As a visionary leadership guide, intuitive energy alchemist & creative strategist, she puts ancient forces to work for modern strategies. For 20 years, Erika operated as a Creative Business Partner and trusted advisor to Grammy-winning recording artist Alicia Keys.

In this episode, we continue the themes of sovereignty and liberation through the lens of creativity and embodiment with Erika as our guide. Having been plugged into the mainstream Collective energy of the masses thru the entertainment industry, then finding her way with her own identity, Erica talks about the process of becoming a deather, a birther, and grounding thru majorly ungrounding times.  Erika shares her non-negotiable grounding practices and how to rebuild connection to our cyclical nature as we shift into a new paradigm. 

Erica talks about how creativity has been deeply colonized and how the moon helps her to go beyond the colonial mindset of always “doing.” Erika tells the story of her incredible initiation in Egypt and what it taught her about conspiring for each other’s liberation. Erika shares about her surprising relationship with obedience and how surrendering to deep listening has led her down a wild path of self discovery.

Check out Erika’s cultural arts venture Rooted and Wild - an oasis for the emerging paradigm where thought leaders, artists, & change-makers can reconnect with land, themselves, and do the healing work to design our more beautiful world.

Erika shares potent words of advice and encouragement for listeners during polarizing and challenging times in this talk... I encourage you to surrender to your deep listening as we go into this journey and conversation together!


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