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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Feb 24, 2020

Today we are speaking with Anja Robinson, Clinical Herbalist, Functional Nutritionist, Women’s Integrative Health Educator and founder of Poppy Herbals—an Herbal Elixir Bar and Apothecary in Ashland, OR. She’s also my co-facilitator for our upcoming Herbal Anatomy Series at Hawthorn Institute! In this episode, we’re talking about functional somatic syndrome (FSS) and the power of community health & herbalism in addressing complex health issues.

FSS has been around for thousands of years and various terminology has been used to describe it, including hysteria, somatoform disorders, and medically unexplained symptoms. FSS highlights the inefficacy of the conventional medical system in addressing root causes, the undeniable mind-body connection, the startling rates of trauma (esp in women) impacting health, and the lack of community wellness and support.

Together, Anja and I explore top ways to support those who have experienced FSS (many of us) and how to begin addressing the underlying issues related to so many unexplained or complex symptoms and health challenges.


Topics we cover:

  • The most common underlying factors of complex chronic health challenges
  • What is functional somatic syndrome and how it relates to the prevalence of chronic health challenges, especially for women
  • What common disorders and health challenges fall under the umbrella of somatic syndrome
  • The 3 pillars of health and Anja’s go-to herbs + foods for supporting somatic syndrome


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