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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

May 28, 2018

What if what you thought was the picture of "success" was actually the source of your anxiety, depression, and frustration? What if you achieved everything that you thought would make you happy, yet you still felt restless and unfulfilled? That's what happened with Catherine Scherwenka, and through a series of tragedy and miracles, she found her way back to herself. She shares her remarkable story and how to live a more authentic life from a space of freedom, courage and Grace... dropping the stress, anxiety and societal pressures in order to step more powerfully into our innate mastery as the change makers we are meant to be before we were told who we should be. Catherine Scherwenka is a globally recognized workshop facilitator that has led thousands of people through transformational experiences both in person as well as virtually. She incorporates a variety of modalities including Kundalini yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance, and mentoring on how to live a happier, more authentic, fulfilling life. Catherine is a speaker and co - founder of FLY Retreats (Feel Like Yourself), IPI (Inner Peace Initiative) and a One Consciousness Transformer for O&O Academy, A school for the transformation of human consciousness. Enjoy!