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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Aug 23, 2021

In this solo episode, we’re diving into health-related themes connected to Virgo season: your gut, immunity, & sanity. In a time where so many are experiencing personal “dark night of the souls” amidst collective intensity, it’s important we remember the wisdom of our bodies, our connection to the changing seasons, and anchor into nourishing practices that support our bodies on all levels. When our gut and bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) are taken care of, we have the resilience and internal resources to navigate challenging experiences and the connection to intuition that guides our way.

I cover astro insights + influences for Virgo season as it relates to health, immunity from an Ayurvedic and ecological perspective, & how to cultivate a healthy gut, immune system and maintain sanity in these intense times. I share some of my favorite herbs, remedies and practices for Virgo and your gut-immune axis, as well as general immune supportive tips for this transitional season to boost your resilience against viral infection.

I also talk about my upcoming free masterclass where I go over these topics in-depth - check it out below and sign up to learn more!

FREE TRAINING :: Soul Gut Immunity Guide Masterclass: 6 Steps To Better Gut Health & Immunity

A Holistic Approach to Greater Resilience, Intuitive Connection, & Personal Power

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Here's what you'll learn in this exclusive training:

  • What is the "soul-gut-immune axis" and why it's critical that you tend to your wild GUT right NOW
  • The exact 6-step framework I used for my own personal gut healing
  • The Essential Pillars of Immunity + Gut health
  • Top foods & herbs for supporting gut health immunity & energetics
  • The #1 thing that reversed my IBS, rebalanced my gut-brain connection & boosted resilience

You’ll also hear about my upcoming program Feed Your Wild GUT... a self-paced immersive online experience that provides a truly holistic approach to healing the gut.

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