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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jul 22, 2019

We’re speaking with Lola Venado, The Botanical Bruja™, a folk herbalist, energy worker, kitchen witch, writer, speaker, and community gatherer. Lola’s work and creation The Botanical Bruja™ and business Xantico House™ inspire us to live more fully in the present moment and to take respite in the littile things.. Remember that these connections to the mundane are just as magical and special as the grander things in life. 

In this conversation, Lola shares what led her to create The Botanical Bruja™ and why reclaiming this term bruja (“witch”) is an important part of honoring her lineage and medicine path.

She shares how a health crisis 5 years ago snapped her back into her plant path & magic roots, how Lola navigated a large Mexican family dynamic as a highly sensitive person, and the remarkable journey she is taking, stepping deep into trust and relationship with a plant ally and new land... and it all started from a dream she had one night.

Lola offers recommendations for people making big moves and feeling ungrounded in doing so, and how to establish connection with the land and cultivate a relationship with Magic in the mundane. Lola naturally demonstrates the power of plática - or creating space for discussion and connection around our daily lives so that we can share our stories... because when we can share and listen to stories, not only can healing occur, but it provides inspiration to pursue one’s own medicine path and sacred journey in life.

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