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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Aug 11, 2022

We have an Aquarius Full Supermoon musing for you on the Feed Your Wild podcast and a short impromptu Akashic channeling to round things up.

As the final full supermoon of the year, today’s full super moon can feel like a completion of a phase or chapter. Every ending is also a beginning… This moon has us considering how we might want to move in togetherness as a collective. 

I cover influences from Saturn (Lord of Karma) and the Uranus North Node conjunction (ignition point), how to utilize this energy and cosmic support for healing and transmuting the wounds of our shared experiences and raising our collective destiny. This is a period of accelerated growth, i.e. quantum jumps here! But with these leaps, we will see the falling away of old systems and stories. This lunation makes it even clearer that control is an illusion - it always was. Aquarius is all about shifting the narrative through grassroots movement and community creation is a key component. 

We touch on the bodily connections of Aquarius and herbal + lifestyle considerations for tending to our blood circulation and electric body. We also connect with the tarot archetypes that represent Aquarius and how to work with them this week and beyond. 

From our Akashic Guides:

“Feel the grace in the frequencies culminating with your collective breath and song. 

It’s the symphony that illuminates the path - not the solo act. 

A symphony that includes the devas, elementals, the plant spirits and helping beings. 

A communion of realms and dimensions - with the heart as the portal, always.” 

Tune in for more.

Themes include: Community, collective destiny, healing + transmutation, quantum leaps, nervines + aphrodisiacs, karmic cycles. 


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