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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jan 11, 2021

In this episode, we’re speaking with Penny Kelly, teacher, Naturopathic physician, researcher of consciousness, and writer and author of Robes: A Book of Coming Changes. In light of the recent events that occurred in the US Capitol, Venessa covers the “cosmic climate” in the introduction, providing a mini moon musing for this week’s new moon in Capricorn as well as other astrological influences at play. The overall theme: rebirth + rebellion.

This interview with Penny is timely, as we collectively hold important inquiries: What future are we unfolding in our world today? Where are we going as a civilization? What is my role in this time of transition? If you’ve been seeking information, insight, or answers regarding the future of our world and what we can do as a people, Penny’s book Robes, was written for you.


In our chat, Penny shares about her kundalini awakening and how she came to write this book about her visitations by prophetic beings who shared glimpses of the future and the truth of human nature. We discuss many of the visions she was shown, including Mother Earth as a living being, the energetic workings and true scientific principles of Mother Nature and the connection between our harmful actions and the disruption of the weather patterns and our evolution as a species.

We go deep into the nature of the human and human health, Penny’s “non-negotiables” for supporting health and the relationship between humans and plants.

We chat about inner authority, getting out of victim consciousness, and helpful questions to assess your level of preparedness for what is to come and the basic needs we must secure for ourselves.

Penny has good advice for people who are stuck in fear or experiencing increased anxiety, especially during this time of the pandemic and these bigger cosmic transitions. She also answers questions from parents about how to support the growth and development of new babies coming into this world.

We just scratched the surface of what Penny was shown about the future, and I hope our conversation serves to inspire and empower you through the coming changes.


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