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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Sep 10, 2018

Ever feel like you're "on track, but off purpose"?

This was the heavy feeling that Dr. Emelia Sam experienced as she was set on course to achieving all the things that she was "supposed" to achieve.

In this intimate conversation, Emelia reveals how playing the good girl was a disservice... and it took major deconstructing of who she thought she was to find her true self.

We talk about the process of your story to recover alignment in your life, practical spirituality, the power of resonance + magnetism, and the need for compassionate competency within healthcare.

Within the first few years of professional life, Emelia realized something was amiss and started to recover the passions she left behind. For over a decade, she has maintained a blog, now known as 360SOUL, concerned with matters of mind and spirit.

Emelia is also gifting FYW listeners her Soul Infusion Kit, check it out in the show notes below! 

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