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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Dec 30, 2019

In this episode, we’re speaking with Linda Garcia aka Luz Warrior on what it looks like to honor the medicine of hibernation and surrender to the changing tides of life... and doing so in a world that pushes against it. Linda tells us the story behind “Luz Warrior” and the Let There Be Luz podcast, and her struggles and trauma in earlier years. Linda shares how she transitioned from commercial storytelling in film, tv and radio to storytelling for wellness, her process of coming out of the “spiritual closet” and making conscious development teachings more accessible to her community.

Linda also talks about the biggest challenges that she has faced in her transition and what following the intuitive path looks like for her, plus the dragons she has slayed along the way in stepping into her truth and breaking through victim mentality.

Linda gives so much beautiful advice for those of us in the contraction phase in our path, and how to honor the ebbs just as much as the flows.

As the final interview of 2019 and this decade, I couldn’t have imagined a better conversation to close out the energy of this past decade and honor where it is that we are going together as a collective - toward a way of living that honors our rhythms and cycles on a massive scale.

THANK YOU for being YOU and your contribution to your own growth + supporting the greater global community.


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