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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jul 28, 2022

Feeling the heat with today’s Leo New Moon musing on the Feed Your Wild podcast along with a mini Akashic channeling.

Today’s new moon is the “big hair, don’t care” freshness we’ve been needing!

I cover influences from Uranus North Node conjunction (raising our collective destiny) + Jupiter (expansive) on Leo’s heart medicine making this moon all about heartfelt self-expression, inner confidence, abundance, joy, creativity and expansive growth. Where is your current life path and dance taking you? This moon wants us to BE our fullest selves, stepping into compassionate leadership of our lives, soul-led, heart-forward. It’s time to stop playing small and hiding, this new moon invites us to say yes to our bigness, our gifts, and our audacious visions. We also highlight some plant allies and tarot archetypes that connect with Leo and the heart. An auspicious time to step out of whatever closet you’re in and into the light to share your gifts with the world, unapologetically.

From our Akashic Guides:

“Revolution is what we are painting. 

Not by numbers, but by grace. 

And forgiveness. 

And acceptance. 

Full hearted, not foolhardy.” Tune in for more.

Themes include: Heart energy, gifts of Leo, stepping out of closet, heart coherence, Rose + fire medicine, raising our collective destiny, clarity, big love as transformative healing power. 


I also talk about an exciting new way I’m being called to support the collective…

The Wildly Intuitive Practitioner Pathway:

I’m opening applications for this 6 month group mentorship and practitioner mastermind for healers and helpers who are ready to step out of the spiritual closet, expand their intuitive gifts, and go from struggling empath/conventional practitioner to New Earth Intuitive Healer.

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