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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Mar 24, 2020

This mega episode with Judith Hill, internationally recognized astrologer, author, & researcher, is jam packed with insights on Medical Astrology. Judith’s unique perspective is grounded and dynamic, and this conversation was incredibly timely falling at the beginning of the Coronavirus events. Judith shares her astrological take on Coronavirus, COVID-19’s connection to the lungs and the collective health trends in 2020.

We cover what medical astrology is, the many uses of medical astrology, its history in the medical world, and how to actually apply medical astrology in everyday life.

We cover the primary and fundamental elements we need to know to get started with medical astrology, how Saturn and Mars influence various biological processes, why they are considered “malefic” and can be misunderstood. Judith shares how the moon influences our health, as well as which body parts and areas are connected to specific signs and planets.

We explore various aspects of my own chart and how they’re connected to issues I’m currently experiencing, plus Judith shares case studies and examples of how she has used medical astrology with clients (she even touches on Bernie Sanders’ astrological predispositions!)

Judith also speaks about astrology for fertility and gives a great talk on cosmic influences of fertility for those who are interested.

The way Judith brings astrology into life in a practical and grounded way is super helpful in these times of uncertainty and navigating the unknown - we literally have a map and signals we can look to for gaining a sense of what might be going on which can be calming for our nervous systems!

Go grab your natal chart and follow along! Resources on websites to do that are in the episode show notes webpage.

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