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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jan 10, 2020

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! In the intro, I speak about the significance of this day and cosmic alignment of the energy of Mother. These are intense times and we’re feeling all the feels - I open up about the anniversary of my mom’s death & my commitment to helping the helpers. Plus, you’ll hear about the Chronic to Creatrix Akashic Experience - a program for holistic healers, practitioners, coaches & helpers. 

This is a special episode that is dear to my heart! It’s part of a series of interviews with highlighted healers - I’m speaking with participants from my Chronic to Creatrix program!

In this episode, we’re speaking with Chelsea Feldman, a mama, a classroom educator, a budding herbalist, an urban homesteader, and a photographer who is guided by earth spirit medicine. She lives in the California Bay Area with her husband and two amazing boys.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about Chelsea’s experience of becoming a mother and how that has been a critical part of her spiritual evolution as well as collapse of her health that resulted in years of chronic health challenges and revelations. You’ll hear about how Chelsea went from run down mama with complete lack of resilience to thriving Creatrix of her health + life.

Chelsea shares how meditation opened up a channel to Spirit and working with Akashic Records has supported her in metabolizing grief. Chelsea shares potent words of advice for other busy mamas dealing with chronic challenges and what has been foundational for her healing process.


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