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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Oct 19, 2021

What is true “holistic medicine?” This is a very big question that I attempt to (humbly) address in this solo episode. In my experience in the holistic health field over the past decade, I have seen more and more chronic complex cases arise. Folks have done “all the things” and still not seeing “results”. As our world becomes increasingly toxic, and current generations are dealing with compounded traumas and lineages of dis-ease carried through their family line, it’s imperative we support health in a truly holistic way.

In this episode, I cover what holistic medicine is NOT, including a personal story about my mom's journey with breast cancer. We then go into what I believe to be some of the top pillars of holistic medicine including heart medicine, slow medicine, understanding our nature connection, and honoring the WHOLEness of people, plants, and our place in the greater macrocosmic environment. I share examples of various traditions and ways of practicing and receiving holistic medicine, as well as the fundamental principle of spiritual healing and the major role our intuition plays in our own healing process.

I also mention ways to work with plants and herbs holistically, including a chance to learn about alchemy and spagyrics with a free Herbal Alchemy mini-course (links below!).





Sajah and Whitney Popham, founders of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, just released their annual amazing free Herbal Alchemy mini-course

You’ll get 3 in-depth online workshops and a PDF guidebook, where you’ll discover:

  • How alchemy unites the science and spirituality of people and plants
  • The secret to making spagyric herbal extracts that heal the body and transform the soul
  • A map that integrates herbal traditions of the world into a single cohesive system
  • A truly holistic herbal practice to heal yourself, your family and community

I’m totally blown away by how much amazing content there is in these training sessions… and they’re just giving it away!

Click here to register for their totally free Herbal Alchemy Mini-Course: 



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