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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Apr 16, 2022

Are you feelin’ the urge to emerge too? With this full moon in Libra and "dark feminine" vibes rising up with the influence of Eris, this episode flavored with themes of life & death and initiations of womxn seems fitting.  

We’re re-living our #UNFILTERED moon musing moments today when herbalist, functional nutritionist & dearest friend Megan Liebmann joins me back on the podcast to talk about the crazy ride that was 2020-2021. 


We get personal as we chat about our mirrored experiences over the past couple of years, as each of us have been ushered into radical initiations and faced with the humbling realities and nature of life and death cycles. We reveal what has been deeply nourishing in these transformative times and share about our upcoming series of conversations for the wild-hearted practitioner… 


You can look forward to talks on slow medicine, intuitive practices, and what it means to truly hold space + practice healing arts in integrity and reciprocity with the Earth, cosmos, & spirit.


You’ll also get a sneak peek at an upcoming group mentorship offering: the Wildly Intuitive Practitioner Pathway! Click the link below to join the waitlist and learn more…


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