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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Apr 19, 2019


Ready to go from Chronic to Creatrix in your life and health?

If you’ve been dealing with health challenges, chronic illness, or just know that something is off and related to a deeper soul-level, then this is for you...

We’ll be bridging the scientific and the spiritual using functional nutrition & Akashic Records, and work together as an amazing group of people as well as with your own spirit guides, teachers, and loved ones through the Akashic Records! Interested in learning more?

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In this episode, Venessa and Megan get a chance to go even DEEPER into the themes of a full moon in Libra (the second one in a row)! That means Kidney stones, UTIs, fear & shock, and WTF does “balance” even look like!

And of course, discussions on supportive healing foods & herbs, lifestyle aspects, helpful supplements and nutritional tips. We chat about acid-alkaline balance, the little known link between gut dysbiosis & kidney stones, details of oxalates (and why you don’t want to go on a low oxalate diet cold turkey!).

Plus how this full moon in Libra during Aries season impacts our relationship and the balance it demands in how we show up for ourselves and others.

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