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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Feb 19, 2019

Venessa and Megan cover the themes of this Full (Super) Moon in earthy, detail-oriented Virgo: Practical Magic… getting intimate with the mundane and inner self, encouraging us to clear a little space for more magic to naturally occur.

We offer ways of integrating what you already know in your brain and bring it into your body, connections within the Gut-Brain-Adrenal-Gonadal axis and how the power of belief, thought, and meditation can shift your physiology and manifestations. The not-so-secret ingredient: Compassion.

We also cover foods + herbs that nourish your internal cave and protect from non-self toxins, Megan’s cheese addiction, and Marie Kondo-ing 2.0.

Detailed Show Notes

Venessa @wildlyrooted
Megan @amethyst_and_rose


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