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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Feb 4, 2019

Happy Imbolc & New Moon Blessings... we’re back!

In this episode, Venessa and Megan chat about the themes of this New Moon in Aquarius: the Pregnant Pause, surrendering to the dark mystery & what we’re each working thru in this cosmic new year. A moon in Aquarius brings up the feels of rebellion, resistance, and intellect, as well as activation of our throat chakra & thyroid… speaking our Truth.

We offer ways of connecting in with the gestation, push-pull energies, and how we can begin preparing for the new age of Aquarius. We also cover the tools we are working with to support us on the emotional & energetic levels!

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Venessa’s IG: @wildlyrooted

Megan’s IG: @amethyst_and_rose

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