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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jul 6, 2020

This is an epic interview with Isabel Friend, International Water Advocate, public speaker, Reiki master, & teacher. Today we are talking all about Sacred Water. I was so excited when I came across Isabel's work, as Water has been showing up in my Akashic Record readings often, and one of the things that has very clear to me when I'm working with clients, particularly when I open up their Records around their health, is that there is an epidemic of dehydration... The topic of this episode is so critically important and relevant to every living being on this Earth that I really encourage you to sit in, even if you feel like you don't have an interest in water. 


Quick disclaimer: Isabel is residing and calling in from beautiful Bali, and in Bali there is a plethora of roosters that love to sing so throughout the episode you're going to hear a lot of these beautiful rooster crows. Sometimes they can be quite loud so I encourage you to stick with it and stay for the entire interview because there is so much we cover! 

We start off with looking at the best kinds of water to drink and filtration systems Isabel recommends, and the difference between wild living water and filtered water. Isabel shares her personal philosophy around water and why we need to begin to cultivate a different relationship and view of water as a whole well-rounded living being. 


Isabel takes us on a magical journey of wild water... Do you know where your water comes from? Isabel is going to talk about that natural journey from the womb of Mother Earth rising to the surface and into your cells. We touch on the importance of drinking local wild water, how you can source wild water, the most important resource that Isabel wants you to know. 


Beyond the health aspects of water and hydration, Isabel goes into the new biology of water looking at structured water, what that means, how do we get access to structured water, how do we create structured water, and why drinking unstructured bulk water is problematic for our health. We weave into the cosmic and esoteric aspects of water, and communion with water as a spiritual act that feeds our health on a very deep level. Isabel shares the origin stories that contain water from indigenous perspectives and the ways that humans have been communing with living water as a source of information, Divinity and tapping into the memory of the universe. So Yes - we talk about crystals, water scrying, hydromancy and working with water to tap into the answers of all of our greatest questions! 


Of course, we also discuss the very real problems that we are seeing from our distorted relationship with the elements and with Mother Earth... Isabel talks about the political situation, privatization and accessibility issues around water, the water wars, and how we can step up as water guardians and embrace water activism in our daily lives. 

I also share an Akashic Record reading on water that I channeled just before we hopped on the call for the interview -  it's so beautiful to see all of the parallels that have been woven in throughout our discussion. 


*Special Discount for FYW Listeners!* Isabel is doing some amazing work and teachings around water, and she has many offerings including a special discount for listeners for a water e-course that I'm totally going to do and I want you to do it with me! Stay tuned to the end to hear all about her ecourse and how to access your special discount. 


We'd love to hear your feedback and please share this episode out with your family and friends - one of the best things that we can do is share this information out so that more people awaken to the importance and critical matter that is Water and how we really need to show up for water with our full hearts and warriors spirits.


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