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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Aug 10, 2020

We’re speaking with Allison Post, Integrative Medicine Health Coach and Somatic Educator. Her latest book, co-authored with her husband,​ ​is ​The Gut Wellness Guide: The Power of Breath, Touch, and Awareness to Reduce Stress, Aid Digestion, and Reclaim Whole-Body Health.

In this conversation, Allison shares some of the challenging traumas and health crises that led her to a healing path, the world of holistic healing, breathwork, somatic touch and the gut. Allison shares about her concept of “unwinding” and why she believes that going straight into those harder deeper gut therapies right away can actually be ineffective and even detrimental.

Allison shares why it's critical that we meet our healing from a different paradigm and way of being that invites slow and gentle, she walks us through this first steps of the “unwinding” process that anyone with gut issues can take, including wonderful prompts to cultivate awareness of our gut and body to unveil root issues and interconnections within the dis-ease. 

We touch on the significance of belly breathing, the navel as an artifact and bridge, and the gentle visceral technique Allison utilizes in her work with delicate touch vs deeper heavier manipulation. 

I love how Allison invites us into important reframes around healing, techniques and modalities - this conversation is not just good for those having issues with their gut, but also anybody who is on a journey of healing. 


Allison will be a guest teacher for my upcoming program Feed Your Wild GUT (which you’ll hear about in the Soul Gut Immunity Guide webinar - sign up below)! We’ll be focusing on breath and touch techniques for nourishing gut health as well as emotional + heart coherence.


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Who is this workshop for? Wild-hearted helpers, healers, creative change-makers who experience challenges with gut health, immunity, resilience, and showing up in their full vitality + power. 

When (DATE UPDATED): Live on Wed, August 12th 5p PST (it will be recorded).

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