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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Dec 17, 2018

Berenice Dimas is the brains, bruja and visionary behind her herbal medicine line "Espejos Apothecary," community based herbal education project "Hood Herbalism," and creative writing outlet Bruja Tip.

We dive into the important work of community herbalism and plant medicine as the people's medicine, reclaiming ancient wisdom and discuss the importance of decolonizing health, herbalism, our bodies, and our spirit.

Berenice shares the story of her soul path unfolding, reminding us that life is truly a co-creation, filled with gifts and obstacles, and the importance of cultivating trust in one’s allies, guides, and ancestors. Berenice shares so much pragmatic wisdom on how to start the reclamation process, the most accessible ways to work with plants, and how wellness is often sold through a lens of “whiteness.”

She speaks to the power of bringing back the spirit and soul to herbalism and health, and how looking at the spiritual practices and folk medicine of our ancestors can assist in this process of decolonization for all of us.

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