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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

May 11, 2020

Happy beloved Mother’s Day <3 Today we’re celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Feed Your Wild podcast! FYW is 2.. I’m so in love with this toddler and I’m so grateful for YOU as a listener. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride ;) 

Many of you have reached out asking for guidance on plants and herbs that would be most supportive in this time, and I wanted to bring someone on the show that worked with plants in a multidimensional way and focused on accessibility + community support. That’s why we’re speaking with Renée Camila of La Yerba Buena Herbs. I LOVED this conversation, we touched on so much, here are some highlights...

Renée shared ways we can work with our plant allies and herbal medicine to support ourselves during this pandemic - she touches in on the energetic and spiritual elements. We talk about finding ways to reorient ourselves to our medicine in a way that feels accessible and reciprocal. Renée shares some of her favorite plants for working with grief, visioning, change, and boundaries + protection and how to work with them including important considerations for foraging and wildcrafting. 

We also talk about how to get radical with plants in the kitchen (including an amazing herbal resource for you), plus how Renée is supporting her own family with special recipes. She shares some well-needed advice for those experiencing panic in this time, why Renée believes working with your ancestors is so helpful and how radical self-care is a form of ancestral work. Renée also shares about her upcoming herbal apprenticeship and free herbal workshops.


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*NEW* LIve Virtual Workshop: Feed Your Wild VOICE! Activate Your Inner Voice + Speak Your Authentic Truth as a Clear Channel...

In this live virtual workshop, we’ll cover how to: find & trust your inner voice, dissolve blocks in your throat chakra, gain clarity + get out of your own way so you can be a clear channel & speak your authentic Truth. I’ll provide Akashic insights, common energetic & spiritual blocks, physical manifestations linked to Voice imbalances (i.e. thyroid issues, tonsils/lymph, etc), and of course remedies, plant allies, tools & practices to tend to your wild Voice!

Who is this workshop for? Wild-hearted helpers, healers, creative change-makers who experience challenges with connecting with or expressing their inner voice and Truth, those who have throat-related issues, and anyone seeking to support the health of this important center. 

Now is the time to connect with & fully express your inner voice! 

When: Live on the New Moon Friday, May 22nd 11a-1p PST via Zoom (it will be recorded).

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