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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Aug 27, 2018

One of the many ways humans throughout history have consulted with the numinous, the All, or God is through divination with sacred tools.

Whether you’ve been steeped in the occult practices for years or if you’re a newbie, divination is a way to begin exploring our intuitive self, a container to develop a language, a relationship, and way of working with a wisdom that is reflected back to us.

As the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul and Wild Soul Healing, Lindsay Mack shares how she works with tarot as a divination tool personally and how her health changed and shifted by working with tarot around some of her health issues.

She gives advice around giving your power away and steps you can take to gain back your power working with tarot. Lindsay shares the keys to having a tarot practice that best works for you and gives us an epic break down of the Death card, busting the biggest myths and misconceptions about tarot.

Lindsay also gives sage advice for anyone interested in getting into tarot to support their own healing journey, as well as how she got through her severe complex PTSD from childhood trauma and the various modalities and practitioners that have helped her along the way.

Plus Lindsay is offering a special gift for Feed Your Wild listeners, so check that out in the show notes below!

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*GIFT for FYW Listeners* Learn more about the Tarot for the Wild Soul course here, and use the code YOURWILD at checkout for 10% off of the course!