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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Apr 15, 2019


Ready to go from Chronic to Creatrix in your life and health?

If you’ve been dealing with health challenges, chronic illness, or just know that something is off and related to a deeper soul-level, then this is for you...

We’ll be bridging the scientific and the spiritual using functional nutrition & Akashic Records, and work together as an amazing group of people as well as with your own spirit guides, teachers, and loved ones through the Akashic Records!

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In this episode, I’m diving into INTUITION as it relates to your health. What is it... How to tap into it... Practices to increase your connection to your intuition & my take on intuitive eating + connection to the natural world.

You’ll hear about the importance of tracking, and various ways to reveal patterns, interconnections, and build your “trust” muscle for greater awareness. I share about researcher Clara Marie Davis's incredible study in the 1940s that sheds light on the intuitive eating abilities of babies, and the difference between “animal instinct” or “gut instinct” and intuition.

We cover the forgotten language of nature, how careful and mindful sensory perception is the gate to higher knowledge, & how training in imagination can lead to greater intuition and clairvoyance.

We end this episode with an inspiring channeled message from the Akashic Records and our guides for the collective with a special invitation & details to the Chronic to Creatrix 8 week Group Experience...

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