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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Oct 14, 2019

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As an Author, Life Coach, Trazuma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys.  She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy and Rapid Growth Healing Technique. Evette is best known for her work in helping people resolve trauma from their past, and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette’s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal development seminars in more than 43 countries and helped thousands of people world wide. 

Evette learned many techniques to powerfully shift the trauma of abuse, until she hit a wall and stopped getting results. This is when she realized that trauma does not necessarily start in our life, there is ancestral, conception, womb and birth trauma that also has an impact on our emotional and mental state.

As a result of discovering her own healing ability along with what she learned over the years she completely changed her life. She felt inspired to share what she learned with those who were ready for big breakthroughs and transformation.

Her book Metaphysical Anatomy was written to support alternative practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and self-help techniques. 


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Evette’s intention with Metaphysical Anatomy
  • How her painful life experiences led to a path of healing, writing her book and creating techniques for releasing trauma
  • Pain as a call to action
  • How we’re avoiding that place of silence
  • How trauma affects the body and disease, and the body’s innate intelligence in coping and dealing with trauma
  • How we often associate shame with a natural release process and instincts, and how this is detrimental to our wellbeing
  • The easiest first step when you feel triggered or stressed
  • “Completing a trauma” and what’s happening in the body 
  • The strong link between diet and mental imbalances
  • How depression and feelings of suicide are often not 
  • Evette’s #1 tool for addressing a traumatic event and trigger
  • How we can change our neuronal pathways and change our brain
  • How our brains are shaped by the patterns we experience
  • We are expressions of our ancestors
  • How to get started with Rapid Growth MAT Training
  • How psychic abilities develop when we do this work
  • How to unlock ourselves on a biological level 

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