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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Jul 21, 2020

Happy New Moon! In this solo episode, I cover insights on this second new moon in Cancer, connections to the sacred waters & power within, and my personal story of re-vitalizing my solar plexus center, digestion, and personal power! Ruled by the moon, Cancer is connected to evolution and growth in regenerative ways - in our bodies, Cancer rules the transformative organs of our stomach & womb... I share 3 lessons I’ve learned in tending to my gut for personal transformation, thoughts on building immunity thru soul work, and practical ways to support your gut health.

For the change-makers, healers, helpers: It’s imperative that we understand ALL the ways to support our immune health and personal vitality amidst a pandemic and collective fear programming. To support our resilience, strength, connection to intuition, and ability to take empowered action, we MUST tend to our wild GUT!

Show notes: 

Join me for my upcoming free webinar Masterclass: Soul Gut Immunity Guide for Healers, Helpers, & Change-Makers... If you’re interested in joining us Aug 5th Aug 12th, click the link below to read more.

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Calling all Healers, Helpers, & Change-makers - If you desire to share your gifts and create a more beautiful world in this transformative time, you MUST tend to your own health & vitality. And it starts with your wild GUT!

Join me on August 5th August 12th for a live Masterclass where you’ll learn:

  • The framework I used for my own personal gut healing

  • The Essential Pillars of Immunity + Gut health

  • Top foods & herbs for supporting gut health immunity & energetics

  • The #1 tool that reversed my IBS, rebalanced my gut-brain connection & boosted my resilience

  • The most important thing to know if you want to be an effective healer & change-agent - for yourself and others